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Why You Should Not Bleach Or Balayage Your Hair At Home?

Are you willing to get your hair bleached or Balayage? But are you confused between trying it hands-on or getting it done by a professional hairdresser?

Trust us, not all hair dye looks give you equally satisfying results. And when you are naive and just try to balayage hair caramel at your home, there is quite a high chance that you may mess up your hair.

After messing it up, you will only be able to laugh at the dye-at-home disaster. Balayage in London is very common, hence now choose your caramel or blonde and get your own balayage hair in London. Anyway, you can always book an appointment with your hairdresser for disaster management. Confused about what could go wrong? Let us have a look.

How To Balayage At Home?

Balayage is a technique of hair colouring or hair dying. If you are wondering how to balayage at home, then read the article ahead.

To do balayage at home all you need is comb applicator, plastic gloves, towel, lightening formula, hair clips, and after treatment conditioning. The broad steps include the following:

1. Part your hair in sections and make buns.

2. Apply some petroleum jelly on hairline and ears to avoid them getting dyed.

3. You should make sections and back comb those sections.

4. Now apply the lightening formula in the middle and bottom of hair to get dark and light contrasts.

5. Wait for like 25-40 minutes

6. Wash your hair thoroughly and condition it.

7. Dry the hair, and you are ready to go.

The steps seem quite basic and easy. Still, there is quite a good number of chances that hair colouring can go wrong.


Why You Should Not Do Balayage At Home!

Still wondering what all can go wrong if you balayage at home and not search for “balayage near me” & get it done at the best hair salon

If so, then let us tell you why it is better to get balayage done by a hairdresser?

1. Hair Damage

Choosing the wrong brand of high chemicals can damage your hair and may even cause breakage or split ends. It can even make your hair frizzy or even can get a reaction.

2. Wrong Choice of Color

Do you want balayage hair caramel or blonde? The hair colour shades differ based on the number. A slight change in the number you choose can change the shade that you are looking for.

3. Patches left out

It may happen then while applying the colour you may leave a patch or may over apply on some patch as you are not able to see the back of your head. This can lead to an uneven tone. A little heads-up the same is not the case with a hairdresser as he can see the back of your head too and apply evenly.

4. Wrong Technique

The technique to apply the colour or bleach as know by a hair dresser is not known by all. The technique to do balayage, strands, ombre, or fire ends differ. Even the number of applications required also varies from colour to colour.

5. Uneven Tone

Did you already get your hair done for balayage styling in a hair salon? Maybe you already have got your hair colouring balayage for some hair dresser in London. So, if you execute the plan to bleach at home, then you can get unevenly toned hairs which will not look good.

6. Repeat and Reinvest

The first DIY at home is not so good. So, to correct you may even spend again on buying all the items needed. Also, if the product used was of low quality, you may get a reaction and would need to spend on anti-allergens.

7. High Salon Cost

Now a mess has been made. To clear the mess, you need to spend more on the salon. Also, you may need to spend more time searching for a hairdresser or balayage near me.


Maybe bleaching or doing balayage at home sounds like an interesting thing to do. But without proper knowledge of products or techniques, you can end up messing everything. Rather than get yourself a stylish balayage, we think you can get the stylish look without any hassle if you get yourself a professional hairdresser in London.

Happy Hair Coloring Balayage!