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Why Is AVEDA Extra Lifting Creme Better Than Bleach?

Hair colouring is an instant and effortless way of styling your hair with minimal maintenance requirements. From adding highlights to your hair to dying it purple, there are endless possibilities. But one hair colouring option that is classic and timeless is dying your hair blonde. Whether you go for a vibrant strawberry blonde or daring platinum blonde, you can’t go wrong with blonde hair.

But the main reason ladies are hesitant about getting their hair coloured to blonde is the use of harsh chemicals in these hair colours, especially bleach. We mean, everyone has read those horror stories about bleach melting your hair, right? So, what should you do to lighten your hair colour? Because the possibility of giving up on blonde hair is just too depressing to imagine.

Thankfully, you now have a lifting colour or dye that can lighten the colour by several shades without using bleach. We present to you AVEDA Full Spectrum Extra Lifting Creme that naturally lifts your hair by five shades.

Read this blog till the end to know everything about this life-saving bleach-free hair lightening dye.


What is AVEDA Extra Lifting Creme?

It is plant-based hair lifting hair colour that can give you blonde hair without any hair damage. The product contains up to 96% naturally sourced ingredients, including their signature blend of natural oils. This hair dye can lighten your hair up to five hair shades. So if you are going for a traditional blonde hair colour or a new trendy pastel blonde, the AVEDA is the perfect hair lightening product for you.


Benefits of Using The AVEDA Extra Lifting Creme

Now that we have understood what the AVEDA ELC creme does, it’s time to know how it’s better than your bleach-based hair colours. Here are the top four benefits of using AVEDA Extra Lifting Creme:


1. Nourishing plant oils based formula free from chemicals:

The AVEDA Extra Lifting Creme has certified organic oils, including babassu, castor, coconut, jojoba and sunflower oils. This blend of oils help maintain the shine and moisturisation of your hair. Also, the creme contains no bleach that can cause severe hair damage and dryness.


2. The fade-resistant formula that lasts for a long time

The hair colour has oxidative dyes that absorb within your hair strands and stay locked for a very long time. The AVEDA Extra Lifting Creme is made with the latest technology allowing the hair colour to saturate deeply. It means that your hair will look good with minimal maintenance or touch ups.


3. Available in both natural and pastel colours

The AVEDA Extra Lifting Creme is perfect for use as standalone hair colour or mixed with pretty pastel colours, like pink, purple, teal, blue, for trendy hair colours. So whether you want a simple blonde look or a colourful one, visit your favourite AVEDA hair salon, KAPLANatelier, for a jaw-dropping new hair colour.


4. Packed with antioxidant properties to protect the colour

The AVEDA Extra Lifting Creme has natural ingredients like red tea that offers antioxidant properties to the hair colour. It means that the colour in your hair will not oxidise and change after a few washes. We also recommend following the colour with a gloss treatment for extra shine.

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To Sum It Up

We have covered everything you should know about the AVEDA Extra Lifting Creme in this article. If you still have any doubts or concerns about the product, you can ask expert AVEDA hair stylists at your favourite AVEDA salonKAPLANaterlier. Our salon is now open and all set to colour, cut, and style your beautiful locks.

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