When Will Hair Salons Open? Read Haircut & Styling Advice From The Experts!

When Will Hair Salons Open? Read Haircut & Styling Advice from Experts!

It’s been now more than two months since London is in lockdown which was the result of containment of the COVID-19 virus. Businesses are forced to shut down in order to control the spread of the virus.

Working from home has become a way of continuing the business, but certain businesses cannot work from home and are adversely affected by it. The top one on that is the Hair Salon business, the business where there is a maximum contact involved is not earning much due to the lockdown.


Expected Date For Reopening Of Salons In London

People, not only in London but all over the world, are missing their regular appointments with their hair dresser or hair stylist. As per  recent reports, hair salons in London are not expected to reopen before the first week of July. Even if it is allowed to open, hair salons have to make all the provisions necessary to maintain social distancing and hygiene.

The salons that will be allowed to reopen should have ample space to follow social distancing and the owners of the hair salons would be expected to be equipped with PPE for their employees and customers.

By the time the hair salons get reopened, people are becoming their own hair stylist. Before jumping into getting your haircutting needs in hand, one should seek the advice of the experts to make the self-hair styling effort a success.

A lot of people tried giving themselves a haircut only to find out that they look comical. Well, sure it will make a great story for you to tell your grandchildren but definitely not a good look!


Do Not Try A New Look

This advice is crucial, as most of us have always depended on our hairstylists for getting the haircut, hence cutting your hair on your own would be your first time in this space.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to decide on a trendy haircut. Stick to the look you have always carried and, if possible, take the help of your hairdresser to give you the proper instruction in getting a decent cut.


Tools To Use and Trimming Of Hair

According to the experts, for the sides, use a clipper and preferably use small nail scissors that won’t cut the hair too much. If you’re someone with short hair, invest in a good quality trimmer that will help you trim the necklines and areas around the ears.

While cutting your hair it is advisable to use scissors over the comb technique, and this will protect your fingers from getting cut.

While trimming, make sure all your tools are in one place. It is recommended to use a handheld mirror; the mirror would help you to see your head from all angles, which is necessary while cutting at home.


Avoid Cutting Wet Hair

As per the best hair stylists in London, one should never cut their hair when it is wet. Wait for the hair to dry completely and then do the trimming or cutting. This is because when the hair is wet, you might cut more than it requires as wet hair looks longer than the original length of the hair, and when the hair dries out, it seems entirely different from what was anticipated.


When in Doubt, Seek Help

It would help if you took a cue from Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner, who did FaceTime with her hairstylist. Her hairstylist gave step-by-step instructions, right from how to blow dry hair to her final look when she was about to give an interview from her house during the lockdown.

If you find cutting or styling your hair on your own a challenging task for you, seek help from an expert hairdresser. Or if you like to get an uneven haircut or comical look, then by all means proceed ahead with cutting hair yourself!

For those who’d like to get the perfect haircut or hair styling we urge them to call up their hairdressers and ask for advice or instructions to avoid any missteps while grooming yourself.