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The keratin products we choose are made with high quality and advanced technology to meet the individual needs of each and every hair type. The results are outstanding and no frizzy hair up to 90 days. KAPLANatelier, Holland Park Avenue.

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Head – Ear and Hand Massage ! If you ever say no to a head massage at KAPLANatelier, a little reminder that it promotes circulation in the scalp with a touch of pressure point therapy which helps keep the blood flowing to the follicles and keeps the oils and nutrients in healthy supply. During a shampoo is a perfect time to massage the scalp .The truth is that we added head massages to our shampooing ritual, not just because they boost circulation to the scalp thereby promoting healthy hair growth.In fact, a good massage can relieve a pounding head, stress and exhaustion.Every organ in the body connects to nerve endings in the ears, hands and head, this massage is focused on the extremities so as to help break up congestion and dissolve blocked energy.However not many consider their ears to be a particular stress reliever when it comes to massage therapy, but your ears are in fact home to some incredibly powerful acupressure points that can stimulate many benefits from happiness to enhanced immune system.

Hand massage has obvious pain relief benefits demonstrated , psychological benefits, such as reduction in levels of depression and anxiety, are shown occur through regular massages.We simply wanted to turn your KAPLANatelier visit into a good hair dayalongside with complex massage rituals.