Tips For Colouring Your Hair At Home This Lockdown

Tips For Colouring Your Hair At Home This Lockdown

Almost every one of us is still stuck in lockdown and it’s been more than two months. In this time, you might have been struggling with grey hair or your hair colour fading off. Since most of the hair salons are still closed and may remain closed for a while, you need to learn how to colour your own hair.

Known as the best hair colouring salon in London, Kaplan Atelier wants to help you achieve salon quality hair colouring at home. Along with providing a fantastic self colouring kit to help you out, these are some awesome tips to make hair colouring at home easy for you.


Choose The Colour That Suits Your Hairstyle Perfectly

The first thing that you need to figure out is which hair colour you want to get. You can look it up online for hair colour ideas but it’s always good to talk to a professional that understands your hair. You might want to choose a colour that is bolder than your natural hair colour but you need to analyse if that colour is good for you.

The staff at Kaplan Atelier can also help you pick out the most suitable hair colour for you. They keep in mind the type of hair you have and other things before giving you a suggestion.


Choose The best quality products

What makes Kaplan Atelier stand out among other Holland Park hairdressers is the specially designed self colouring kit we offer.

As an Aveda hair salon, this kit comes with amazing quality hair products that are 96% natural and good for your hair. Having good quality products is the very first step to make sure you don’t ruin your natural hair beauty. This self colouring kit makes hair colouring easier to do.


Keep Your Composure Throughout The Process

Colouring your own hair can be stressful, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You might feel scared about messing up or not doing it properly.

You need to keep yourself calm and follow the instructions as correctly as possible. This is the best way to make sure you get the hair colour that you desire


Kaplan Atelier Can Help You Colour Your Hair During Lockdown

As the best hairstylist in London, we have continued to care about our customers even during COVID19 lockdown. After the lockdown was imposed, we started getting calls from different clients saying, “I want to get my hair trimmed a little, but what should I do in this lockdown?” or “Are you guys still open? I want to get hair colouring and maybe a little highlights too”

To help them, we came up with a brilliant solution for all our clients who are stuck inside but still want to get fantastic services as we offer in our salon. As an Aveda salon, we also wanted to let our clients get perfectly coloured hair using distinct quality Aveda products.

Our specially designed self colouring kit comes with everything you need to colour your hair. We deliver it safely to your doorstep so you don’t have to risk your health by going outside. Our special kit comes with:

  • A colour brush
  • Developer
  • Custom mixed colours to suit your hair
  • A simple set of instructions you should follow

These instructions are easy for anyone to execute on their own. Our professionals have paid special attention to making sure it makes the hair colouring process doable for clients.


Final Thoughts

Keeping customer comfort and satisfaction at their highest priority is what made Kaplan one of the best Holland Park hairdressers. We are known as the best Aveda salon by many people in London. If you seek to get an amazing hair colouring experience in your own house, you should definitely try out our self colouring kit.

Want to get started with self-colouring? WhatsApp us a picture of your hair on 07450 597 440
& we will deliver the perfect blend of hair colours to your doorstep, and don’t worry we will practice social distancing!