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Straight Hair with Chunky Disconnected Bangs: New Trend for 2022

We all know that styling straight hair is much more inconvenient and time-consuming than wavy or curly hair. The hair looks flat without any volume and requires one to use styling tools or accessories to make it look pretty. This process is not only tedious but also damaging to your hair. This is why women with straight hair need hairstyles that will look great without any styling.

By adding elements like bangs can make your hair look fabulous without any effort. When you add them to your current hairstyle, you can elevate them to look more stylish and trendy. In this article, we are sharing with you one popular hair trend, Chunky Disconnected Bangs. We cover everything from why you need to get these to the popular haircuts to pair with them.

What Are Chunky Disconnected Bangs?

Chunky Disconnected Bangs are thicker bangs with a different length from the rest of your hair. Unlike curtain bangs that blend into your hair through their varying heights, these bangs have a uniform measurement. These bangs are chunkier than your regular bangs and almost cover the part of your forehead that they fall on. Disconnected Bangs are identifiable because of their sharp separation from the rest of your hair.

Why Should You Pair Chunky Disconnected Bangs With Straight Hair?

  • Disconnected bangs look great with every haircut, from a bob to a long layered hairstyle.
  • They help accentuate your facial structure, highlighting your cheekbones and nose.
  • They are an effortless haircut that are easy to style with minimal tools and accessories.
  • Chunky Disconnected Bangs give you a chic look that looks good on women of all ages. 
  • Disconnected bangs instantly give you a boss lady appearance and are perfect for work. 

4 Straight Hairstyles With Chunky Disconnected Bangs That Will Be Hot In 2022

Let’s go over some straight hairstyles that can go with Chunky Disconnected Bangs. Here are four hairstyles that allow you to style your straight hair using these bangs:

Nothing says classy and chic more than a bob haircut. Recently, more women are opting for simple yet sexy haircuts that require minimum maintenance. Pair a chic bob with big chunky disconnected bangs, and you are sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Visit KAPLANatelier, the best AVEDA salon in London, to get this elegant haircut.

If you want to add more volume and bounce to your straight hair, layered haircuts are the best option for you. Textured hairstyles add movement and bounce to your hair, saving you from the trouble of constantly styling it. You can get Chunky Discontented Bangs with textured layer cut at your AVEDA Salon for a youthful look.

Balayage is a more forgiving hair colouring technique that will stay on your hair for a long time without showing your root growth. After adding a few lighter shades to match your grey hair, you can visit your nearest AVEDA salon every 12-16 weeks to preserve your balayage hair colour.

A pixie hair is another short hairstyle that has gained popularity for its effortless appearance. Most pixie haircuts have a resemblance to cropped bangs. But adding Chunky Disconnected Bangs to the style helps you frame your face better. Visit your nearest AVEDA Salon to get this bold haircut.

Blunt hairstyles have been a rage in the recent past for their edgy look. When you combine a blunt shoulder bob with the Chunky Disconnected Bangs, you get the ultimate combination of a cute yet bold hairstyle.

What's Next?

If you are looking for a sexy haircut for your straight hair to flaunt in 2022, then you can’t go wrong with Chunky Disconnected Bangs. Our list of haircuts includes hairstyles for people with different hair lengths. You can try any of these trendy hairstyles by visiting the best AVEDA Salon in London- KAPLANatelier located at 150 Holland Park Ave, London.

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