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Balayage is the hair dye trend that changed everything. It is a hair game changer. It creates that dreamy ‘just been kissed by the sun in the Maldives’ caramel hair. It depends on your hair type and there are different tones and shades available.

It allows for a sun-kissed natural-looking hair colour, similar to what nature gives us as children. 

It’s important when using bleach that the person applying it knows when to take it off – this depends on your hair type and colour. If you think your Balayage looks patchy, this will be because of wrong application and placement.

Remember, Balayage is an art so come to us and trust our colour artisans at KAPLANatelier , Holland Park Avenue.


Haircut is a form of personal expression. Our team combine their creativity, experience and originality with strong techniques to personalise your style.
We’re lucky enough to have one of the best styling team at KAPLANatelier . From classic or trendy styles to a healthy trim or reshape, we will be proud to assist you all the way through to achieve your best look.


We are at the forefront of developing new treatments like Keraplex, inventive tones and techniques to help our clients to achieve and manage their desired look. We use Aveda 96% naturally derived colourants, masques ,Innoluxe , Olaplex multi-bond hair treatments to create incredible hair.