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Root Smudge: How To Do It Yourself?

One of the biggest drawbacks of colouring or dying your hair is the constant maintenance required to preserve the hair colour. Any colour used to dye hair will either fade or show your natural roots as your hair grows. Maintaining the look of uniformity requires continuous touch ups, which can be time consuming for women.

But what if we told you that there’s a hair colouring technique that takes care of this issue for you? Yes, we are referring to the root smudge process.

This hair colouring method allows you to go for a longer period between two appointments or even touch up at home. Root smudging also helps you embrace your naturally outgrown hair roots for a longer time.

Before we share who root smudging is perfect for and give you some of our expert tips on how to achieve a perfect root smudge, let us understand what the process actually is.

What Is Root Smudge?

When you do root smudging on your hair, your hair roots are dyed with a permanent or a quasi-permanent colour close to your natural hair colour. This colour is blended down by a few inches, depending on your hair length to mingle into the colour of the rest of your hair.

By doing this, you don’t have to constantly worry about your hair colour fading out or any discolouration marks on your hair.

How To Do It On Yourself?

The following is our professional advice that you can follow when performing root smudge at home.

1. Use the right products

Before you try to attempt doing root smudge at home, it’s extremely important that you are working with the right products. Take recommendations from your stylist for the exact shade and tone of the colour to match your hair color. Even a slight variation in the colour may require you to colour your hair again.

2. Work on damp hair only

One of the most important rules when doing root smudge is to work on damp hair. If you apply any color to dry hair directly, it will instantly get absorbed into the strands and makes the blending process hard.

3. Blend using a wide tooth comb

When you root smudge hair whether at KAPLANatelier or at home, blending the colour seamlessly is the most important step. We recommend using a wide tooth comb instead of a finer comb that will diffuse the colour through the length of your hair. First run your sections of hair between your fingers in a scissors motion and then brush gently by using only a wide tooth comb.

4. Let the color process for the required time

Another common mistake most people make when root smudging their hair is not allowing the colour to process and absorb into the hair. Follow the instructions pack or let the colour stay in your hair for 20 minutes. Not letting the colour on your hair for enough time or leaving it for too long can alter the results of your root smudge.

5. Follow up on every root smudge with a salon appointment

Whether you are doing root smudge for the first time or the tenth, it’s important to follow up every home session with a professional appointment.

If you book an appointment at the best hair salon in London – KAPLANatelier – your stylist will fix any mistakes you make and educate you. So if you do a root smudge at home 4-6 weeks after your initial colour, book an appointment approximately 6 weeks after that.

You can call us on 207-727-0887 to book your appointment.


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