What Is Private Home Services?

Private Home Services is an exclusive hair treatment, hair colouring, and/or hair cut services offered by KAPLANatelier that enables you to call us to your home.
Sounds very comfortable & safe, right? We wouldn’t be surprised if you think so! Because that’s the whole point of starting this service.

The consequences of the outbreak of the deadly virus – COVID19, forced lockdown upon us. This resulted in a sudden stop of our services & a temporary shutdown of KAPLANatelier. We have always thrived on providing you with the best and that’s how Kaplan started Private Home Services.
Kaplan invested extensive hours in the making of this service. He kept hygiene, adherence to safety precautions, and safe practices the first priority. Kaplan also made it a priority to give our customers the gorgeous looks that they were longing for since lockdown.
This is a snap of a cute bob cut he gave on one of the Private Home Services tour:

And, here are some snaps from the Private Home Service visits:

Do you want to get the perfect Balayage but don’t want to step out of your house? Are you longing for a gorgeous hair colour? Or maybe you want a stylish hair cut?

Then take complete benefits of our Private Home Services by giving us a call on 07450597440 and one of our Hair Experts will visit your house.