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Olaplex Treatment: The Much Needed Hair Treatment Post-Lockdown

We all have been stuck indoors due to lockdown since the outbreak of the coronavirus. Which also meant no trips to your favourite hairstylist, no new hair cuts, no touch-ups, and no hair treatments. During this time, we all had to cater to our hair without any professional help. 

Now that hair salons across the country are opening up, everyone is looking for hair treatment to reverse all the damage done to our hair.

Well, look no further as we have the ultimate solution for you, Olaplex treatment. It is a multi-step hair conditioning and repairing treatment that will boost a new life into your hair.

Keep on reading to know why you should get it done immediately.

Benefits of Olaplex Treatment

Before we proceed any further, it’s necessary to know the benefits of this hair treatment. Here are some of the Olaplex treatment benefits that you can enjoy after the treatment.

  • Olaplex will repair the colour or bleach damage in your hair. 
  • This treatment will give you shiny and smooth hair that is free from frizz and dryness.
  • Damage from heating tools and exposure to the sun is reversible with an Olaplex treatment.
  • Olaplex helps repair and build new bonds in your hair strands, making them strong and resistant to breakage.
  • The treatment also restores the split or damaged ends of your hair.

How Does Olaplex Treatment Work?

We are sure that after going through the benefits of olaplex treatment, you are curious to know more about it and how it works. Continue reading to understand what makes it so revolutionary.

Olaplex treatment is a scientifically tested and formulated product consisting of a primary ingredient- bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. It is the element capable of forming new protein bonds in your hair. The molecule also improves the bonds in your damaged hair, making them strong and healthy again.

When your hair is exposed to strong chemicals, styling tools, or excessive heat, the protein bonds in your hair get damaged. Overtime usage completely breaks the bonds making your hair dull, fragile, and brittle. By getting an Olaplex treatment, you enable the bond multiplier to build new bonds and repair the damaged ones providing a new life to your hair.

Getting Olaplex at regular periods will strengthen the hair strands from inside, making them softer, smoother, and shinier. It will also promote hair growth, reducing frizz and dryness in your hair.

Olaplex benefits are not limited to these but also include protection against hair bleaches and colour damage. In short, with its bond multiplier approach, Olaplex will put an end to all your hair problems. 

Is Olaplex Treatment Really Worth It?

As we have explained how Olaplex treatment works on your hair, it’s time to decide if this treatment is worth it. Here are three reasons to help you understand the importance of getting this treatment in the salon during your next appointment.

  1. The treatment repairs the inside bonds in a hair strand rather than the outer layers. By getting an Olaplex treatment, you can address the root cause of your hair problems, breakage of disulfide bonds.
  2. This Olaplex treatment in salon consists of just two steps. These steps, when performed by a professional, take just half an hour. So to get the hair of your dreams, you don’t have to wait for hours and days.
  3. Olaplex treatment can be combined with the hair colour of your choice to decrease the extent of damage from the bleaches and chemicals. So not only does it rectify previous hair damage but also acts proactively.

To Conclude

If you are contemplating getting this magical hair treatment, visit the best hair salon in London, KAPLANatelier. To see the previous Olaplex treatments by our AVEDA hairstylists, visit our Instagram page.

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