KAPLANatelier Has Opened The Gates For You!

KAPLANatelier Has Opened The Gates For You!

COVID-19 forced the government to improve lockdown, locking away people in their homes. Lockdown sure did save thousands of lives & helped reduce the number of positive cases.

When all of this was going on, KAPLANatelier – our beloved hair salon – had to be temporarily shut down, turning our customer’s & our smiles upside down. But after a couple of weeks into lockdown, we started receiving multiple calls from our customers everyday – asking us what they should do about their hair.

At first, we couldn’t do much – we just guided them over the phone, gave basic instructions – but then Kaplan decided to help them out in a much better way.

This led to the introduction of our Self-Isolation, Self-Colouring Kit.


What Was That Kit About?

The Self-Isolation, Self-Colouring Kit included high-quality colours & accessories. The kit had:

  • Customized mixed colours
  • Developer
  • Colour brush
  • Easy instructions to follow

To make this a wholesome kit for everyone, we used Standard Professional Colours, Ammonium Free Professional Colours & best of all – AVEDA colour.

After a brief amount of time of launching the kit, a lot of orders started pouring in. We delivered every kit on time, all-the-while maintaining social distance.

Here is a snap of the kit in preparation:

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And, by the end of the lockdown, Kaplan had started Private Home Services for the customers of KAPLANatelier.

What Is Private Home Services by KAPLAatelier?

Private home services enable you to get hair treatment, hair coloured, and/or hair cut right from the comfort of your home.

Sounds very cozy and comfortable, doesn’t it? We wouldn’t be surprised if you said yes! Because that’s the point of Private Home Services!

Kaplan invested extensive hours of his time visiting our customers and giving them gorgeous looks that they were longing since lockdown. Here are some of the snaps from the private home service visits.

Here’s a pic of one of our customers who got a cute bob haircut thanks to the Private Home Services.

How Was KAPLANatelier’s First Day?

We opened for business on 4th of July, yes the same day as America’s Independence. So in a way we got freedom too on July 4th! But trust us America’s Independence Day has nothing to do with our little independence.

As we said, we received a lot of calls during the lockdown so when we announced our reopening, lots of customers visited us!

We were very happy to see our customers & with great enthusiasm we started giving them the gorgeous look they wanted. Look how it turned out to be!

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Everyone at KAPLANatelier is so happy to finally be open for business. We really missed their smiles, talks and most of all their satisfied faces! And now we really love it when our customers are happy with the gorgeous look they receive.

Come Visit Us

We are eagerly waiting to help you get the best look. If you haven’t already visited us do come visit us! We are open 7 days a week like before!