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How To Keep Your Hair Colour Looking Good For Longer?

Hair colouring is a creative way of adding more life to your hair without altering its length and texture. Hair colour is one hair styling technique that can be done on people with all hair lengths and thickness.

People desirous of getting hair dye colours aren’t limited by any factors such as their age, face structure, skin complexion, etc. which can be crucial for selecting some other hairstyling techniques. Availability of infinite options for hair colouring truly makes it even more exciting.

One also gets the choice between going for a permanent hair colour or one that they can change easily in just a few days. For women who are hesitant to colour their entire hair, there are also techniques such as highlights, ombre and balayage that will give your hair a little touch of colour.

How To Keep Hair Colour From Fading fast?

Now that we have talked about hair colouring, let’s discuss some tips of preserving the hair colour from fading out faster. Follow these to ensure that your hair colour stays on for a longer period.

  • Keep your hair away from hot showers or cold rinse as they can cause hair colours to fade out faster. The trick is to gradually increase or decrease the temperature.
  • Keep your hair away from swimming pools with high levels of chemicals like chlorine.
  • Overexposure to the sun causes hair colour to look brittle and fade out.
  • Don’t use hair products with harsh chemicals as they can lighten hair colours.
  • Limit the use of styling tools with high temperatures to protect hair colours.

How To Keep Your Hair Colour Beautiful For Longer?

1. Get your hair coloured at a professional salon

The first step to making sure that your hair colour looks good is to get your hair coloured by an expert using the right products and techniques. We recommend visiting the best AVEDA salon in town – KAPLANatelier – for hair colouring. Here the professional stylist will use the best quality dyes, applied in an even way and processed for an accurate time to give you the best results.

2. Avoid over washing your hair

Washing your hair daily or even every other day does your hair more harm than good. Try to stretch the gap between two washes, by styling your hair in different styles. You can tackle the oil production on your scalp with the help of dry shampoo. Tinted dry shampoo can be a huge blessing for people with dark hair dye colours.

3. Use products that are not harsh on the colour

The hair products used on coloured hair play a vital role in preserving the colour on your hair. Select hair products, especially your shampoo and conditioner that are sulphate free. Make sure all your hair care and styling products don’t contain any harsh chemicals as the life of your colour depends on the health of your hair. We recommend using the AVEDA Botanical shampoo and conditioner for strengthening your hair.

4. Amp up the hydration in your hair

One of the best ways of ensuring that your hair colour looks and stays good is by hydrating it. This can include using hair masques, deep conditioners and other products that will restore the hydration in your hair and make it look shiny and healthy. AVEDA Sap moss duo is great for providing weightless hydration.

5. Get a gloss treatment to maintain the shine

Adding a gloss on top of any colour or highlight not only makes it shiny and fresh looking but also extends its life. The gloss acts as a shield in preventing the hair colour from fading faster. You can also do a gloss treatment at home that will help in locking in your hair colour until your next salon appointment.

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