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Hot Hair Trends To Try Post-Lockdown [2021]

Your hairstyle has a significant role in both determining and elevating your physical appearance. So if you want to look fabulous all the time, keep up with the latest hair trends, and you are already halfway there. Especially coming out of the extensive lockdown we have been in, we all need a trendy haircut to cheer us up. That’s the reason, we are sharing with you some of the hairstyles trends to follow in 2021.


6 Hot Hair Trends For You To Try In 2021


Low maintenance is the new vibe of 2021, and that’s why most of these haircut trends include short hairstyles. All the styles mentioned below will make you look elegant, chic, or elegant depending on your preference, taking just a few minutes of your time. Here are the 2021 hair trends that you definitely need to check out.


1. 70’s Fringes

We all have been guilty of giving ourselves uneven and lopsided bangs during the lockdown. But now that salons are open again, it’s time to rock even and balanced fringes. This classic hairstyle trend is perfect for framing your facial features. The 70’s fringe or the Bardot fringe will instantly give your hair texture and volume as well.


2. The Air Dry Haircut


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The following hair trend on our list is the Air Dry Haircut, another easy to maintain and effortless hairstyle. As evident from the name, the style features a layered haircut that resembles the look of freshly air-dried hair. The Air Dry haircut trend is a zero maintenance style perfect for ladies who don’t want to spend hours every day tackling their hair.


3. Textured Big Braids


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For girls with highly textured and curly hair, Big Braids are the best solution. Textured braids will not only keep your hair intact but also take less time to put it with a fewer number of braids. Big braids are among the cool hair trends to give a try in 2021. These braids can be made unique to your taste with hair accessories like rings, jewels, or beads. 


4. Blunt Bob

Another short hairstyle trend from 2021 that will be a big hit with the ladies this year is the Blunt Bob. This hairstyle features a straight bob cut with either a middle or side part. The blunt bob will highlight your face structure and your bold features. So if you are looking for a hot hair trend to try in 2021, the blunt bob is worth checking out.


5. The Modern Shag


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Another popular hair trend of 2021 that is low on maintenance and high on looks is the Modern Shag. This style gives a modern twist on a classic hairstyle, the wild shag. This shag uses multiple layers to create loads of texture in your hair. You can also add some soft curtain bang or fringes to this haircut trend to make it look more effortless and feminine.


6. The Big Chop


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The final haircut on our list of trendiest hair trends is the Big Chop. If you are tired of constant hairstyling and upkeep, trust us, you are not alone. We have seen many celebrities chopping off all their hair in the past year. If you are looking for a bold and edgy look coming out of the lockdown, the big chop might be just the style for you.


To Sum It Up

If you are looking for a new trendy hair cut to flaunt in 2021, you won’t go wrong with any of the above options. These are amongst the hottest hair trends that will rule the year. If you want to get any of these happening haircuts or styles, visit your favourite AVEDA Salon– the KAPLANATELIER.

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