Hair Root Stretching Technique: Everything You Should Know

Hair Root Stretching Technique: Everything You Should Know

Many ladies hang back from hair colouring. Why? Hair colour leaves decoration marks as the hair grows – this is their concern. Dying your natural hair requires a lot of effort to maintain the colour by getting continuous appointments every few weeks. But thankfully now there is a hair colouring technique to save you from all the trouble. We are, of course, talking about hair root stretching.

What is Hair Root Stretching?

Before we talk about the benefits of root stretching your hair and the do’s and don’ts, it is important to know what is root stretching. It is the process of colouring or dying the root of your hair with permanent or demi-permanent hair colour.

Basically, we apply a permanent or quasi-permanent colour to your roots, as we would if we were touching up your roots. Then, we weave out sections of your hair so that the colour blends down the strands. We stop at about a quarter or halfway down your hair to give you a lovely, natural, blended colour. By stretching your roots in this way, your colour looks beautiful for ages, as there is no horrible regrowth line to ruin the illusion.

You can get any hair colour on your hair ends and create a beautiful Ombre effect on your hair. Depending on your hair length, you can incorporate two or more colours on your hair.

Who is Root Stretching best suited for? 

So now that you know what root stretching is, you may wonder, why and who does root stretching work best for? It’s a great option for people desirous of changing to new hair colours based on the season or the prevalent trends.

Choosing a permanent root colour close to your natural hair colour is the best option for you. Why? Because then you don’t have to worry about getting your roots touched constantly.

Root stretching technique is also great for people who are notorious for missing their salon appointments or are extremely busy in their personal lives. The whole concept behind root stretching is embracing your natural hair colour by blending it artfully with your favourite hair colour.

It’s a great idea if you don’t want to subject your scalp constantly to the chemicals found in hair dyes & colours.

Hair Root Stretching: Remember These Things

As we have explained why Root stretching hair is the best hair colouring option for many, let us share with you some of the things that you must keep in mind when getting your roots stretched.

1. Don’t try root stretching at home

As tempting as the prospect may seem, refrain from attempting root stretching at home. Instead, visit the best AVEDA salon in London – KAPLANatelier. Because we blend colours in an effortless manner to give you the perfect roots stretching. Something that’s hard to mimic for you.

2. Pay extra attention to the money piece

When performing a root stretching, the hair surrounding your face, also known as the money piece, should be given some extra care and attention. At KAPLANatelier, you can get balayage or highlight on the said parts of your hair to give them a more natural & sexy look.

3. Choose colours that pair well together

For your root stretching, choose a colour that is both closest to your natural hair and pairs well with the colour on the rest of your hair length. Tones and shades play an important role. And that’s why it’s important to talk to the best stylist in town at KAPLANatelier.

4. Make sure that the blend is seamless

If you ask any hair professional the secret to the perfect root stretch, the answer will always be – perfect blend. Make sure your stylist is blending the colour to create a smooth transition.

5. Take care of your hair afterwards

After you get a root stretching done to your hair, it’s important to take the best care of your hair. We recommend using the AVEDA Botanical shampoo, conditioner and masque for strengthening your hair and preserve the colour.


If you are considering getting your hair roots stretched, then visit KAPLANatelier, the best AVEDA Salon in town, for a professional hands on. Call us on 207-727-0887 to book your appointment. With a certified trained professional to cater to your needs, you will definitely achieve an outcome that will add a new life to your hair. You can also visit us at 150 Holland Park Avenue for all your hair needs.