Hair Colouring: Going Grey? Yes, But Think Twice!

Hair Colouring: Going Grey? Yes, But Think Twice!

Hair colouring has been a popular trend in the hair industry for the longest time. People of any age and gender want to change their natural hair colour to something different. This decision of colouring hair has been influenced by the beautiful hair colour ideas people see on social media and the internet.

It’s extremely popular nowadays with modern equipment and colouring treatments available. The most popular hair colour people like to get is surprisingly grey. Especially for people who are growing natural grey hair, getting a grey hair makeover is in fashion.

Colouring your hair completely grey will definitely make you look ‘Oh My God” gorgeous! But there are also a ton of side effects of going completely grey.

This article is a way to put light on those side effects that make getting completely grey hair not so much worthy.


Is It Worth It To Lose Hair Quality To Get The Grey Locks You Want?

Many hairdressers in London offer to colour their client’s hair completely grey. All the gorgeousness grey hair colour can offer, often attracts women and if you’re thinking of the same thing then let us tell you why you shouldn’t (not being a spoilsport, trust us!)

  • Going completely grey involves a lot of chemical treatments that can damage your hair health
  • White is the lightest blond you can reach & it can lead to much drier hair than usual
  • To make your hair grey, you completely have to lose your natural hair colour
  • Hair bleaching often causes worse effects on the quality of your hair; later you may even require keratin treatment for hair


Why Is Grey Hair Transformation Not Recommended?

No one likes to show signs of growing old by having their grey hair on display. As the best hair salon in London, we often get clients who desperately want to hide their grey hair. “I want to look much younger!” Or ” can you make my greyish hair look more elegant?.” are some of the requests our clients make.

It’s totally understandable for you to want trendy grey hair too. They look awesome and go with almost every fashion style possible. But while you get those gorgeous grey locks, you definitely don’t want to lose the unique quality of your hair.

Though getting a grey hair transformation seems very easy, the dryness that comes with that hair definitely isn’t really worth it. Not to mention, you are basically putting a ton of harmful chemicals that can potentially damage your hair forever.

If you ever want to go back to your natural hair colour, it is almost impossible to do with grey hair transformation. Again you will have to go through the hair colouring process to get the natural hair colour you had before getting the grey transformation. That seems like a waste of time almost, doesn’t it?

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Is It Possible To Get Completely Great Hair Colour While Maintaining Hair Quality?

As an Aveda hair salon, we most certainly think hair quality can be maintained even after a great hair colouring treatment.

Having the best hairstylist in London to help you can definitely be the first step you can take. Make sure you understand the long-lasting effects of hair transformation before you get it. You have to be totally okay with the damage that will for sure come after chemical hair transformations.

On the other hand, we can assure you that getting rid of the grey hair roots is completely possible while still having good quality hair. You can get any hair colour you want while still keeping the beauty of your hair. You also won’t have to worry about having dry and rough hair after such transformations.

Are you curious about how to get that done? Do you want to find a way to completely remove your grey roots but have gorgeous hair at the same time? Visit Kaplan Atelier, near Holland Park, to find out exactly how to do that!