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Hair Colouring: 6 Things You Should Do Before Doing It

There could be a number of different reasons why you might feel the need to alter your natural hair colour. Or maybe you are just bored at home and got inspired to dye your hair after seeing hair colour ideas on Pinterest or Google.

Whatever the reason may be, there are some primary things you must do before changing your hair colour. These things will make sure your colouring process goes smoothly and you get the desired results without ruining your hair. Here is a list of 6 things you must do before colouring your hair.

1. Getting Rid of The Product Build-Up On Your Hair

You definitely might have used different kinds of products on your hair before. These products can harm your hair and do not allow the stylist to colour them properly.

To avoid this, you might have to make use of a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the product build-up in your hair. If you are colouring your hair at an Aveda salon, you can ask them for natural clarifying shampoo brands to properly prepare your hair for dying it.

2. Get your hair trimmed just a little bit

As a regular human, a lot of us struggle with having split ends in our hair. These split ends can cause a problem after you are done colouring your hair.

That’s why it is advised that you get rid of these split ends by visiting your salon and getting a small cut. These trimming sessions will enable you to enhance the quality of the hair colour process and you will also don’t have to stress about cutting your newly dyed hair later.

3. Do proper research on your dream hair colour

Though the photos on the internet look absolutely stunning and make you want to do your hair like that, it is not always a good idea. Hair specialists generally suggest to only go two or three shades darker or lighter than your natural hair colour.

While you look through various hair colour ideas, also keep in mind the health of your natural health. This is one of the most significant things that you must do before you initiate the hair colouring procedure.

4. Deep conditioning is kind of a must

To be completely honest, deep conditioning should be a part of your daily hair care routine. It allows your hair to regain protein, moisture and other things that get lost due to the pollution or chemicals in your surroundings.

If your hair is not healthy, it might not give a good output when you try to change your natural hair colour. Which is why you need to deep condition your hair at least 5-7 days before your hair colouring appointment to retain its strength.

5. Washing your hair might not be the best idea

You might think that washing your hair will make changing hair colour much easier and quicker. If you also have that thought in your mind, you might need to stop and think a bit more.

In reality, washing your hair a day before your hair colouring appointment makes them too slippery which makes it more difficult for your hair to hold the new hair colour. So it is definitely a good idea to not wash your hair before you dye it.

6. Take this chance to change your hair product collection

The normal shampoo and conditioner you use may be stuffed with sulfur and other things that are not good for dyed hair. Sulfur will get rid of the hair colour and make your hair look dull, thus ruining all your efforts.

The best Aveda Salon on Holland Park Avenue, KAPLANatelier, will provide you with suggestions on which hair products to use after changing your natural hair colour. So make sure to buy these products in advance to avoid the hassle of not having them afterwards.


These are six things you should keep in mind before getting your dream hair colour. We are also thrilled to say that our salon, KAPLANatelier, is now open seven days a week. We are an Aveda salon that specialises in many hairstyling processes, including ombre highlights and balayage in London.

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