Hair Botox Treatment vs Brazilian Keratin Treatment: Which Is Better?

Hair Botox Treatment vs Brazilian Keratin Treatment: Which Is Better?

If you are looking for a hair treatment to smoothen your hair, Hair Botox treatment and Brazilian Keratin treatment are the two options you can choose from. Both of these options are popular and give similar kinds of results. However, there are a few differences between them!

These treatments are not twins! And in this article we will explain the differences along with their pros & cons. So, sit back, relax & read away!

Hair Botox Treatment

If you are someone who is extremely cautious about using chemicals on your hair, this is the best option for you. It is a chemical free solution to smoothen your hair and restore its beauty.

Hair Botox treatment provides the necessary vitamins and proteins to improve your hair. It is used for deep conditioning of hair and improving the quality of your hair. It’s like protein shake but for hair!

Brazilian Keratin Treatment:

Keratin treatment for hair is preferred by clients who are tired of having frizzy hair. It’s a chemical based treatment to make your hair shinier and gorgeous.

On average, the effects of a keratin treatment last for over three months. As suggested in the name, this treatment provides keratin to your hair, which is the best solution to make your hair healthier but thinner in terms of volume.

Which Treatment Is Better?

Hair Botox treatment has been gaining popularity because it doesn’t use a lot of chemicals. If you are super sensitive to chemicals then keratin treatment might not be the best solution for your hair problems.

On the other hand, if you have curly hair and want to make hairstyling easier every day, Keratin is more suitable for you. This treatment makes hair straight and less prone to damage in humid weather situations. Something to think about if you’re staying in London!

Some of the major benefits of getting a Hair Botox treatment are as follows:

● Hair Botox treatment is suitable for all hairstyles and types.
● It is an environment-friendly treatment and uses natural products which do not damage your hair.
● It is safe to do by yourself at home but getting help from an expert hairdresser makes it more beneficial.

Reasons why people prefer getting Keratin treatment are:

● It helps you get the perfectly straight hair that you crave.
● You can say goodbye to frizzy hair and say hello to more beautiful hair.
● It’s great to restore keratin in your hair, a naturally present chemical in your hair.
● Perfect for someone who would like to manage their curly hair in a better way.

Need To Get Professional Help For Both Treatments

Be it keratin treatment for hair or hair Botox treatment, getting it done by a professional hair dresser is always a good choice. A professional touch makes it easier to get the perfect hair.

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