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Get The Perfect Sun-Kissed Balayage Highlights You Always Wanted!

Sun-Kissed hair highlights are one of the most popular hair styling techniques right now. If you have ever considered getting highlights, there is a really good chance you have already heard about Balayage too.

Sun-kissed highlights are loved by everyone but the procedure to get it done is not always easy. Do you know what exactly Balayge is? or why should you give it a try? You don’t? Don’t worry! In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about Balayage.


How Exactly Does Balayage Work?

Inspired by the French word balayage, which translates to “sweeping,” it is one of the hottest hair trends right now.

Balayage is described as a freehand hair colouring technique for natural-looking sun-kissed highlights. Hair colouring is a task that requires extreme focus and attention. Balayage is one of the most popular choices of clients for getting hair colouring done.

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Benefits of Balayage Hair

Kaplan Atelier is known as one of the best Holland Park hairdressers. Hair balayage is one of the many hair treatments we offer to our customers. These are some of the major reasons why we find Balayage to be really good:

  • Balayage doesn’t make use of foil for hair colouring and is done only by hand
  • It lasts for a much longer time than classic highlights
  • Gives gorgeous sun-kissed highlights with a smooth finish
  • Fairly easier to manage balayage hair than normal highlights
  • Balayage can be done for any hairstyles or textures


Why Choose Our Salon for Balayage?

Being one of the best hairstylists in London, we have been providing reliable hair styling services to clients for a long time. We have tons of experience in the hairstyling industry and lots of positive feedback from our previous and current clients.

The first question that comes when we suggest our salon to customers is, “How can I trust you for not ruining my hair quality?”

Some of the primary reasons why our customers adore our salon services are:

  • As an Aveda salon, we make use of the best quality natural hair products for our treatments.
  • Our staff is professionally trained and certified in various hairstyling
  • Our appointments are extremely easy to book and you get the most comfortable salon experience with us.
  • We focus on each customer and their exact expectations to deliver what they want.
  • We are always trying to improve the way we work with continuous feedback from our clients.


Choose Us So You Don’t Have To Worry About Your Hair Colour Anymore

Having stunning hair is the very first step when it comes to being fashionable and every person has a different type of hair that deserves unique treatment. Hair colouring Balayage cannot be done at home which is why it’s important to choose a perfect hair salon.

With our love for hair colouring & experience in the business, our salon has been voted the best hair salon in London. Balayage hair in London is one of the many awesome hair colouring techniques we offer in our salon and we are extremely proud of our status as the house of best hairdressers in London who always try to do the very best to satisfy our customers.

If you are also new to the hair colouring balayage trend but still want to try it out yourself, come visit us at Holland Park. After all, who doesn’t want perfect sun-kissed highlights that last a long time and make you look beautiful right?

Check out these pictures from our recent Balayage work:

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