Discover The Truth About Olaplex Treatment Is It Worth Doing

Discover The Truth About Olaplex Treatment: Is It Worth Doing?

The hair care industry is one of the industries that is always evolving. New trends come and go almost each day. Olaplex treatment is one of the most recent trends in the industry. This trend has been gaining a lot of popularity since its origin.

If you are someone seeking overnight transformation of your hair without it being damaged, Olaplex is one way to do it. Many celebrities have bragged about the benefits of this hair treatment which is one of the initial reasons for its success.

What is Olaplex Treatment?

This treatment works especially on restoring the hair bonds that get destroyed due to excessive chemical usage. It is a three step procedure developed by scientists to treat damaged hair from inside.

Even though Olaplex seems pretty similar to hair conditioning, its biggest advantage is that it works on improving your hair thoroughly instead of just improving the outer layers.

“I want to reduce the time I spend on doing my hair in the morning.” One of the frequent visitors of our salon – Kaplan Atelier – told us.

Luiza, our hair stylist, smiled at her as she understood the struggle our customer was going through every morning and suggested the Olaplex Treatment to her. That day the customer left with a bright smile, as usual, from the salon.

Benefits of Olaplex Treatment:

As one of the best hair salon in London, we often get the question about the benefits of getting this treatment. Of course you want to invest your money in something that is worth it when it comes to your hair’s health.

Some reasons why we think Olaplex is a hair treatment worth getting are as follows:

● It can be done for any kind of hair textures and styles.
● This treatment increases the strength of your hair helping it grow better.
● It is a super simple procedure to follow and with the help of experts, it’s even more effective.
● Olaplex helps your hair to not have split ends.
● It protects your hair from being damaged by harmful chemicals.
● Improves the quality of hair and makes it easier to style each day.

How does Olaplex treatment work?

As mentioned in the beginning, most Holland Park hairdressers use the three step procedure for Olaplex Treatment.

Step 1 – The first Olaplex is used along with hair color. It is mixed with the color and applied to your hair.

Step 2 – The second Olaplex works more like hair conditioning. Once the color is washed out of your hair, this is applied and kept for around 20 minutes. Use your best friend in the meantime – your mobile. But just don’t take a selfie yet! After a wait of 20 minutes, it is rinsed off.

Step 3 – The third Olaplex is mostly done in the house. It can be applied once a week after washing your hair. It should be left in the hair for about 10 to 15 minutes and then washed out. Well, you can use this time as a social media detox! Just kidding.

Long Term Effects of Olaplex Treatment:-

Olaplex is a treatment provided by most of the best hair salons in London. This hair treatment can also be a great protection against any future chemical treatments you decide to do for your hair. Kind of like patronous charm!

There is absolutely no one in the world who enjoys having tons of split ends or having damaged hair that is hard to manage. Olaplex hair treatment makes your hair more beautiful and improves it from the base to the very tip of each hair.

Being one of the best hair salons in London, we also provide Olaplex Treatment. Our hairdressers are professionally trained by Kaplan for Olaplex and other hair improvement treatments.

If you are living in London and searching for the best hair salon for Olaplex treatment & balayage, you should definitely consider visiting our salon soon – it’s near Holland Park, your friendly neighbourhood salon!

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