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Breaking News: London Hair Dresser Reopens Hair Salon After 100 Years!

Kaplan – one of the most renowned hairstylist & owner of KAPLANatelier hair salon- who immigrated to London from Turkey in order to follow his passion – hair, disappeared when the Spanish Flu hit in 1918.

He has resurfaced again after staying 100+ years away from the world! Where did he go? How did he spend his time? Why didn’t he come back up sooner? To answer all these questions, we interviewed him and this is what he told us.

My flying plane (KAPLANatelier) got lost in the clouds of Spanish flu. My name had been decaying for years. But now that I am out, I will be repairing my plane and be its captain again. The pandemic is over now. I, Kaplan, the owner and patron of KAPLANatelier – is going to put my salon back on the spot, coming out of my hideout. 

I have been packed for a few months in my basement – in isolation, no noise, no hustle and bustle, just me and my art. It seems like I’m coming out of a loooong break. 

The first thought that arrived in my mind, after coming out, was about my customers – how Mary managed her hair, did Kathy get her hair straight on time or if Catherine’s hair loss issue got resolved?

Spanish flu kept me indoors for a century! Yes, I’m lucky to be alive and sane but more than that I’m very excited to work again around people, chit chatting with them, snapping my scissors at their hair.


Initial Days

After some years of moving to London, I built a bunker that could sustain a person for decades, even for a century. People called me crazy, well if you looked at the bunker you might have agreed with them. But who’s laughing now!

I stayed in the bunker for the initial years – going insane, I started styling my own hair and god! It was a disaster. No, don’t judge me, I’m good at what I do but it was really hard to do the back side of the head.

I remember vaguely, one time I just left the back side and it looked like Mohican Style – some tail hair style I heard about today. And after this, I never left the hair on the rear side!

Tough Days!

It was getting hard to survive in the bunker after some years. So I decided to move to a jungle, but I had to be quick & do it in no presence of others. And so, I snuck out of the bunker at night. What an idiot I was! If I had just moved out in the daylight I wouldn’t have to run off into the jungle to survive!

Thanks to my jungle survival skills, I did more than surviving! In the beginning everything was green, charming and amazing but soon I started going crazy with loneliness. But Hairdressers are a wonderful breed and so am I. Once again, I started cutting hair, styling them, trying new looks – in some I looked comical and in others, well comical as well.

At nights I used to think about the time at KAPLANatelier. Grabbing conversations with my customers like how their day went, my life in Turkey, about their dogs and what not!

Present Times

I remember how KAPLANatelier was famous before the pandemic. Almost every woman in the neighbourhood of Holland Park looked towards our hair salon to get their hair done in a new and stylish way.

But, the dark eyes of Spanish flu grabbed the people and also looked at my shutter gate. I had no way, so I held my shop off and buried myself into the bunker & later into the jungle. But now that I am out and that the flu is all over, I think I should regain my status.

I am eager to run my scissors all over, and put my customers into a series of surprises. The young generation can’t imagine what this old guy is capable of. All in all, I am 100% all-natural, licensed, style creative, mind reading, all day standing, shampooing, conditioning, dye mixing, smock wearing, spritzing, gossiping, consulting, directing, miracle-working, doing balayage, Hairstylist with a rocking team.

The day is here. Now, I can put the open sign at the door of my salon after these hundred long years and display my hairstyling craft. After all, the hair that slays starts at the salon, with hairstylist Kaplan- who can go snip snip- spray spray like a pro. Come visit me at KAPLANatelier – the best AVEDA Hair Salon in Notting Hill, London.