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Balayage vs Highlights: What’s The Difference?

Choosing a new hairstyle is always very exciting for every woman. You get to choose your favourite haircut along with the option of adding a fun hair colour. Highlights, lowlights, ombre, balayage, sombre, babylights, the list just goes on and brings with it a little confusion. What do all these terms mean? Well, we are going to discuss the difference between two extremely popular techniques, Balayage vs Highlights. So, this article will clear all your doubts. What do you have to do? Just read through it!

What Is Balayage?


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Balayage is a hair colouring technique that colours your hair from mid length towards the ends. Your stylist will work on the hair sections from bottom to top, in thicker portions. The results from a balayage can range from a sun kissed look to an artfully blended colour transformation depending on your desired look.

What Are Highlights?


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Highlights is the hair colouring technique that lightens small sections of your hair. These sections are covered in a lighter colour throughout the length of your hair. Later, foil or wrap helps to process the hair colour onto the hair.

If you want to get a subtle look then pick a shade that’s a touch lighter than your natural hair colour, or a much lighter shade for a bold and sexy look.

Balayage vs Highlights

Now that we have explained both terms, let us tell you the difference between balayage and highlights.

Here are the four important aspects that create differences between highlights & balayage. 

1. Placement of Colour

Balayage: If you choose to go with Balayage, the hair colour will be placed through the mid lengths of your hair. Hair colouring balayage is focused towards adding more depth and volume to your hair. Since the placement of the colour is low, the technique is suitable for ladies that want a low maintenance hairstyle.

Highlights: On the other hand, it starts from the roots of your hair and is further blended out through the lengths of your hair. The intention behind getting highlights is to bring attention to your facial features. Highlights are perfect for ladies afraid of colouring their entire length, giving them just enough colour to keep up with the trend. 

2. Pattern of Colour Placement

Another major point of Balayage vs Highlights is the pattern in which the hair colour is placed.

Balayage: Your choice of hair colour is more randomly placed across large sections of your hair. It brings an artistic beauty to your hair colour and gives you a gorgeous look that naturally looks sun-kissed.

Highlights: It is a little strategic and organized. The stylist will choose and colour sections of your hair that bring more focus to your face structure. The money piece is an important part of highlighting that focuses on sections of hair framing your face.

3. Intensity of the Colour

Balayage: It uses hair colour that is either a few shades lighter or darker than your natural hair. Because of the lack of foils, the intensity of the colour is pretty low. This makes it a great option for ladies who want to get the sun kissed effect in their hair.

Highlights: A lighter colour is used to blend with your natural hair. Since the technique uses aluminium foils to trap the heat, the intensity of the colour will be much higher than balayage.

4. Maintenance of the Style

Balayage: As the colour is placed from the mid lengths of your hair, it blends out more naturally as your hair grows. This means that you can schedule your touchup appointments at the best hair salon in London between 12 to 16 weeks without worrying about any discoloration.

Highlights: Since the colouring starts from the roots of your hair, the look requires a little more effort to maintain it. So if you have highlights then you will need to book an appointment with your AVEDA hairstylist every 6 weeks or so to keep the style looking fresh.


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