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Balayage For Grey Hair: New Matching Balayage Style

A well-known hair condition that we all experience at some point in our life is grey hair. While grey hair is often associated with growing older, other factors can initiate the greying of your hair. These include health conditions or deficiencies, medication, chemical products and genetics. Studies have shown that your hair turns grey because of the lack of a pigment called melanin.

For a long time, women have used hair colours as a cover to conceal the appearance of grey hairs and maintain a youthful look. However, in recent times, we have seen people start to embrace their natural hair rather than hiding it. It has given rise to new hair styling and hair colouring techniques that transform and blend your grey hair instead of covering it. The hair colouring technique that blends your greys into your hair is Balayage for Grey Hair.

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How Can Balayage Balance The Greys In Your Hair?

Balayage hair colouring is a technique that creates highlights using lighter hair colours. The placement of colour in balayage is quite casual to achieve naturally blended highlights. When you get a Balayage for Grey Hair, it creates a harmonious balance that will conceal the grey hair in your highlights. With this technique, sections of your hair will be dyed into lighter colour, making it hard for anyone to notice a few grey hairs.

3 Reasons Why Balayage For Grey Hair Is The New Matching Balayage Style

Unlike traditional hair colouring techniques that aim at hiding grey hair, Balayage for Grey Hair will blend the greys in your hair. The idea behind getting a balayage is to merge your grey hairs with the rest of your hair, giving you beautiful highlights and creating an elegant look. 

With this hair colouring technique, you can match your grey hair with enhancing hair colour shades. Balayage will give your hair a sun-kissed effect while shielding the grey hairs from being prominently noticeable. You can now visit the best AVEDA hair salon in London to try this latest hair colouring trend.

Unlike total hair colouring that requires a constant touch-up every couple of weeks, balayage blends into your hair more naturally. It means that after getting Balayage for Grey Hair, you won't have to schedule an appointment every four weeks to maintain your hair colour.

Balayage is a more forgiving hair colouring technique that will stay on your hair for a long time without showing your root growth. After adding a few lighter shades to match your grey hair, you can visit your nearest AVEDA salon every 12-16 weeks to preserve your balayage hair colour.

Choosing a flattering hair colour for your hair can be a tricky decision. But when getting a balayage, identify the colour of your natural hair and choose from loads of highlighting shade options. To find the most well-matched shades for your grey hair, you can visit KAPLANatelier, the best AVEDA hair salon in London.

When you get a Balayage for Grey Hair, you will not have to worry about the hair colour matching your skin tone or complexion. Your hair is dyed with streaks of lighter hair colour, placed strategically to achieve a balanced result. Did you know? People with any hair colour ranging from copper to jet black can get a Balayage to transform their grey hair.

What To Do Next?

If you are looking for an effortless and trendy hair transitioning technique for your grey hair, then Balayage For Grey Hair is the best option for you. Now, you don’t need to hide your grey hairs, simply transform them with Balayage and get a gorgeous look to flaunt this year!

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