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AVEDA Demi Hair Colours To Bring Back The Gloss Again

Hair colouring is a versatile hair styling technique that helps you transform the appearance of your hair. You can get your hair changed from a platinum blonde to a pastel pink with hair dyes and colours. However, there are some downsides to frequently using chemical hair colours. Constant use of these can cause irreparable harm to your hair.

But what if there were hair colours formulated with natural ingredients, free from ammonia, and add moisturisation to your hair? If you wish for the same, you will love the AVEDA Full Spectrum Demi+™ Hair Colour series. Read this article till the end to discover the glossy and conditioning AVEDA Demi hair colour range in detail.

What Are Demi Colours From AVEDA?

The AVEDA Full Spectrum Demi+™ Hair Colour range from AVEDA is an ammonium-free hair colour. The hair colour series contains 93% nature-derived ingredients drawn from plants, water, and non-petroleum minerals.  The hair colours comprise a nourishing blend of certified organic plant oils, such as sunflower, castor, jojoba, and kukui.

The AVEDA Demi hair colours add moisturisation and conditioning to your hair while working proactively to repair existing hair damage. The hair colours have a sugarcane-based gel formula for smooth and uniform application. You can check out the complete colour range, ingredient list, etc., on your next visit to your favourite hair salon in London.

4 Reason to use AVEDA Demi Colours To Get Glossy Hair

Now that we have gone through what AVEDA demi hair colours are, it’s time to go over why you should choose these. Here are the four reasons you need to try the Demi+™ Hair Colours from AVEDA for your next hair colour job.

The AVEDA Full Spectrum Demi+™ Hair Colour can last in your hair for approximately 40 washes or eight weeks. The Plant-derived L-arginine present in the colours acts as a power booster for providing maximum colour deposit in your hair cuticle. This fade-resistant hair colour is perfect for ladies looking for a low maintenance hair colour option.

The Demi hair colour range contains a combination of organic plant oils, including castor, jojoba, kukui, and sunflower. This signature blend of natural oils will help you achieve a high colour intensity along with improving the condition of your dry and damaged hair. The AVEDA Demi hair colours help you avoid further hair damage and work proactively to restore the damage in your hair.

The AVEDA Demi hair colour line contains Butylene glycol, obtained from sugar cane, that gives the hair colour a gel-based formula. The texture of the hair colours allows quick and easy application, resulting in consistent colour saturation into your hair. It means that you spend less time waiting for it to process when you visit KAPLANatelier, AVEDA Salon, for your colour appointment.

The Full Spectrum Demi+™ Hair Colour series has ten natural shades and ten tones from light ash to violet. Your AVEDA hairstylist can mix these interchangeably to create a versatile colour palette for your hair. So whether you want to cover your grey hair, refresh your existing hair colour, or try out a new colour, this Demi hair colour range from AVEDA gives you tons of choices.

What's Next?

If you are thinking of trying the AVEDA Full Spectrum Demi+™ Hair Colour, book an appointment at KAPLANatelier, the best AVEDA Salon in London. Our expert hair stylists will help you achieve stunning hair colours and answer all your doubts about this hair colour range.

You can schedule your appointments at your favourite AVEDA salon – KAPLANatelier on 207-727-0887. Visit us and get this glossy hair colour to rock this summer from the best hairstylists in London. Read what our customers are saying about us here.

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