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8 Trendy Women’s Haircut That Will Stay In Style In 2021

Finding a new trendy women’s haircut to sport in the coming year is a big question for so many ladies. We all want a haircut that looks fashionable, is easy to maintain, and versatile to be styled according to different occasions.

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the top trends and haircuts that will gain popularity in 2021. This year we will see a lot of ladies choosing haircuts that require minimal maintenance. This is why we believe that this year will be the perfect time to rock a trendy short haircut style.

We will see the comeback of some classic haircut styles such as bangs to make any existing hairstyle look more elevated. Some of the hairstyles in this article draw inspiration from movie characters or celebrities giving you the perfect opportunity to twin with your favourite star.

8 Trendy Women’s Haircut To Stay In Style During 2021

1. Soft Curved Bob: Anya Taylor Joy in Queen’s Gambit

In the historic web series Queen’s Gambit, Anya Taylor Joy portrays Beth Harmon. Set during the 1950s and ’60s, the series features Anya sporting the classic hairstyle of the time, the curved bob. As we mentioned earlier, bobs will stay one of the trendy women’s hairstyles in 2021 as they look both cute and daring.

2. Layered Cut with Fringes: Aimee Garcia in Lucifer

Layered haircuts always have and will continue to stay in fashion. Aimee Garcia, aka Ella Lopez from Lucifer, sported the layered haircut in the series paired with heavy fringes framing her face. We recommend adding a touch of balayage or sun kiss highlights to this haircut to make it sexier.

3. Blunt Bob: Natalie Portman in Leon 

The blunt bob is another iconic haircut that was made famous by Natalie Portman who wore this haircut in the movie Leon. The character Matilda, played by Portman, has a short bob haircut that falls just below her cheekbones paired with short bangs. This can make a very cute short hairstyle that will also emphasize your facial features.

4. Curly Shoulder Bob: Eleven From Stranger Things

In the popular TV series Stranger Things, one of the leading characters – Eleven – is played by Millie Bobby Brown. In the show, Millie is seen wearing a shoulder-length curly bob which she sometimes wears in a half-up ponytail. You can get this trendy women’s haircut on both natural or coloured hair and style in multiple ways to suit your mood.

5. Wild Shag: Natasha Lyonne on the Russian Doll

The wild shag is an effortless hairstyle that we saw Natasha Lyonne nail in the web series, Russian Doll. To suit her character Nadia, the actress, sports a wild shag and cropped bangs. This is a great style for people with textured hair because of low maintenance. The wild shag can be made more elegant by adding some sun-kissed highlights.

6. Blunt Textured Cut with Ombre: Maeve Wiley from Sex Education

Emma Mackey plays Maeve Wiley in the popular web series Sex Education. On the show, Maeve’s character has a textured blunt haircut with a pink ombre to give her an edgy vibe. This trendy women’s haircut will also look equally beautiful on natural hair if you are hesitant of colouring your hair.

7. Trim Pixie: Mia Farrow in A Dandy in Aspic

Mia Farrow made an unconventional haircut, a pixie, a legendary style in the movie, A Dandy in Aspic. To this day, the style is often associated with her iconic style. The trim pixie is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain for people of all ages. Adding a hair colour of your choice can easily make it a trendy hairstyle of all time.

8. Chic Bob with Bangs: Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace

Mia Wallace is a fictional character from the movie Pulp Fiction where Uma wears a dark shoulder-length bob with crisp bangs. As more short hairstyles come back into style, the infamous Mia Wallace Bob makes an appearance. Even though Mia had this haircut on dark hair, ladies with coloured hair can also rock this bold cut.


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