6 Hair Colouring Myths Debunked

6 Hair Colouring Myths Debunked

Ladies love to colour their hair and why wouldn’t they?! Hair colouring gives a brand new look and can give the best touch up. There are many different techniques like hair colouring balayage, Ombre hair colour, etc. 

However, there are some common myths that surround the process of hair colour. Through this article, we are going to try to debunk six hair colouring myths.


1. Hair Colouring Damages Hair

Damaged Hair - Debunking hair colouring myths | KAPLANatelier

This is one of the most popular hair colouring myths, and in a way, there are some reasons why this can be true at times. If you use too many chemicals on your hair or bleach it too many times, it can seriously damage your hair.

One thing you can do to avoid this is going to AVEDA salons nearby you to get your hair colouring done. AVEDA salons like KAPLANatelier use natural hair products, and you can also get your hair dyed without bleaching, which will ensure less damage.


2. Hair Colouring Can Take a Lot of Time

One thing that pushes people away from the thought of changing their hair colour is the supposed time it takes. We mean who would love to sit at the same place for hours or an entire day just for hair colouring?

Though you have to be patient to make sure the colour is applied correctly, hardly ever does it take an entire day. Mostly, dying your hair won’t take more than two or three hours, so you don’t have to be scared about it taking a long time.

3. Dyed Hair Doesn’t Give A Natural Look

Most of us often hesitate when it comes to picking a hair colour that is entirely different than our natural hair. The main reason, we are scared it won’t look as good or it will look fake to other people.

According to a lot of Nottinghill hair salons, there are several ways in which you can dye your hair beautifully. The latest innovations in the industry make it possible for you to get any hair colour that will look just as stunning as your natural hair.

4. Balayage Can Only be Done for Blonde Hair

Sun-kissed highlights are something we all desperately want, which makes hair colouring balayage a very popular technique. Contrary to the belief, balayage can be done on any hair colour and style.

Balayage is a technique that is not restricted to any specific hair colours or styles. There are a ton of people who have done balayage for brown hair or balayage for other hair colours as well.

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5. It Is Okay To Wash Your Hair Immediately After Dying It

It Is Okay To Wash Your Hair Immediately After Dying I kaplanatelier

It is highly suggested that you wait more than 48 hours before you wash your hair. Of course, not always will that be feasible, but you should at least wait 18 hours. You have to let your hair soak up the hair colour to get a gorgeous look.

The worst nightmare that scares most of us is washing out all the colour from your hair immediately after you dyed it. To avoid this happening to you, you must let the new hair colour set before you try to wash your hair.


6. There Are No Shampoos That Can Protect Your Hair

If you have done some prior research, you might have noticed a lot of hair products in the market that promise to protect your hair colour. It is usual for you to think that these products won’t do anything.

But if you do some in-depth reading, you will find some trustworthy brands that help. These products can have elements that protect your hair colour and make sure that it doesn’t fade away. You just have to choose the most suitable one for your hair.

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These are some of the most common myths that you will hear when it comes to hair colouring. We hope that this article helped you figure out the real truth behind these and allowed you to be more confident about dying your hair.

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