5 Trendy Short Haircut Styles You Should Try This Year!

5 Trendy Short Haircut Styles You Should Try This Year!

It is said that investing in your hair is one of the best things for a woman to do. It is like a crown that never takes off. To every woman, nothing is more important than her hair for a better look.

No matter what kind of trendy haircut you have, it always suits you in one way or the other. There are many trendy woman’s haircuts which are in a big trend. With the number of months to go for 2020, we have recommended some of the trendy haircuts for women you can get this year.

So, these are the 5 trendy short haircut styles, you should have a look at them before having your next haircut. Here, we have talked about the Bob haircut, which is in the top trend for short haircut.

5 Trendy Short Haircut Styles You Should Try This Year!

1. Choppy Bob Haircut

Want to get a haircut done but cannot decide which one? Here is one of the trendy woman haircut you would love to have. We recommend you get a bombshell choppy Bob haircut. This bob haircut has a lot of layers and looks great on all hair types.

This trendy woman haircut looks much greater if dyed. One of the popular hairstyling is Balayage, done popularly by hairdressers in Holland Park.

2. Inverted Bob

Isn’t the bold a new look? This is a trendy womens haircut and has been all the rage for a while. This is a new sharper look and is short from the back and long from the front, consisting of many layers.

Subtle highlight is one of the best hair dyes for this type of hair-cut. Aveda hair salon is the best place to get it done as Aveda’s hair dye is almost completely natural. Kaplan Atelier is one of the most preferable hair salons in London for this job.

3. The Messy Lob

Do you know what this trendy haircut is about?

It’s hands-down, one of the most favourite haircuts among the ladies. There are extreme layers that add a ton to the volume. And if you’re wondering where to get it done, we’d recommend you give us a visit soon as we are voted the best salon in London, having the top hairdressers and hairstylists.

This trendy woman hairstyle goes with every face cut and if you are tired of your regular hairstyle, this one is the best for you. For luminous hair treatment, Kaplan Atelier is the best hair salon in Holland Park, having the best team of hairdressers.

4. Graduated Bob

This is a type of Bob haircut and is one of the trendy short haircut styles. This haircut makes your hair more fun and interesting.

It’s a cute haircut that has long hair in the front and the length gets evenly & gradually decreased and is stacked at the back.

If the graduated bob looks plain to you then colouring them will be a great idea. And what better place to get hair coloured than an Aveda hair salon that uses almost completely natural colours right?!

5. Dramatic Pixie Cut

This short haircut style will surely set you apart from the rest of the crowd. If you are considering a haircut like this, Kaplan Atelier has the best hairstylists in London who can give you the best version of Dramatic Pixie Cut.

Our team will completely meet up with your looks and expectations and make you feel beautiful with the new look.

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To Conclude

So, this was our exhaustive list of 5 trendy short haircut hairstyles you should surely try this year. If any of these caught your eye & made you want to get one, do visit us soon!