5 Trendy Hairstyles To Try During Lockdown 2020

5 Trendy Hairstyles To Try During Lockdown 2021

2021 is here but the people of London are again under lockdown. Stuck indoors again is very boring and frustrating, right?!

The lockdown is making us anxious and we bet it has bored you a lot too! Do you want to try something exciting & fun?

Why don’t you try getting trendy hairstyles yourself?! Yes, we hear ourselves, but you can do it on your own too!

Your next point of worry might be how to know which hairstyles are trending. No worries! We have put together a list of some of the hottest hairstyles of 2021 just for you.

Be it trendy short haircut styles or curly hairstyles for long hair, there is something for everyone here.

These are simple and easy to do styles you can do at home. This will give you a whole new look during the lockdown and make you happy.


#1 Buzz cut

Buzz Cut - Kaplan Atelier

Buzz cut is probably one of the best hairstyles for summers. Plus, it’s very popular & trending among both men and women.

This is a very simple hair styling option to try. It also makes your hair more manageable while giving you a unique look. You can shave off as much hair as you want and be creative with how it looks.


#2 Mohican Hairstyle

Mohican Hair Style - Kaplan Atelier

Well, this is not a regular hairstyle. But who said normal is cool? In today’s time when weird is considered cool, you can definitely try this!

Bring out the inner creative person in you, and paint your hair with colours and get them cut in Mohican style!

This hairstyle can grab all the attention when you sit down for your zoom meeting. Everyone will forget about the agenda and start “praising” your hair.

Don’t get us wrong, we love all hairstyles and especially the one that can make you stand out.


#3 Bojo’s Ruffly Hair

Bojo Ruffly Hair - Kaplan Atelier

Are you wondering if this is a real hairstyle for women? Well, it isn’t and not just for women, but it’s not even for men. But we couldn’t hold ourselves to include this “popular” hairstyle worn by our respectable Prime Minister – Mr. Boris Johnson.

Hence, the name – Bojo’s Ruffly Hair

You should try this hairstyle this year if you want your mom to call a priest and get the house purified. Or maybe if you want your neighbours to have a good laugh!

With utter respect, we do not mean to hurt anyone’s sentiment but well, the Bojo’s Ruffly hair has already done the damage!


#4 Mushroom Hair Cut For Kids

Do you love mushrooms? Well, perhaps you’ll love your kid more after getting him this hairstyle. You ask why? Because your kid’s face will look just like a mushroom, but don’t try to eat it!

And if you made a resolution to try something new every month, then you should definitely try this hairstyle.

Just a caution though, just like with great power comes great responsibilities. This trendy hairstyle comes with trendy jokes! (And we are not kidding this time)

Get this haircut to stand out from the crowd, to be unique & of course to become the talk of the town!


#5 Freehand Mullet Style

One of the funkiest hairstyles in London is Freehand Mullet Hairstyle. Well, only if you want people to turn their heads and have a hefty laugh. No judgement, but it can really grab all the attention towards you in your next meeting.

Quite useful, eh? Freehand Mullet Style is a trendy woman’s haircut that can make you look unique – if a comical look is the new unique, then yes! 

The freehand mullet style is when front hairs are left free and back hairs have a fine tail. It is more complex than it seems, that is why only experts can do this hairstyle, maybe the kid next door too.


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These are some of the most popular hairstyling options that you CAN try during lockdown but you SHOULDN’T.

Do you want a hairstyle from this list eagerly but are afraid you may ruin it? Well, the hairstyles are already ruined, just kidding!

PS: This was a fun article with no intent to hurt anyone’s feelings.