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5 Hairstyling Tips To Make Your Locks Look Fuller

Maintaining healthy-looking hair is a continuous process that requires consistent efforts. From using the right products to adopting the correct techniques, there are so many ways you can ensure that your hair stays in the best shape. In this article, we are going to share with you our five best hairstyling tips that will help you in achieving healthy, bouncy and fuller hair.

Common Hairstyling Mistakes Most Women Make

Common Hairstyling Mistakes Most Women Make - AVEDA Hair Salon, London | KAPLANatelier











While we are on the topic of hairstyling, we want to point out some common mistakes most ladies make. Whether you are making these intentionally or not, stop doing these immediately. 

  • Over-washing your hair

We highly suggest that you stop washing your hair every day. It will protect the natural oils in your hair, as over washing can dry out your hair much faster. 

  • Wearing your hair in tight hairstyles

We know that some tight hairstyles make you look sexy but regularly doing so makes your hair weak and fragile. Avoid doing so if you want your hair to be strong and healthy.

  • Not brushing hair before bed

Another mistake a lot of women make is not detangling their hair before going to bed. Always brush and braid your hair at night to keep it smooth and frizz-free.

  • Protect your hair from sun exposure

UV rays from the sun can cause extreme damage to your hair. Cover your hair if you are spending any time outside.

5 Hairstyling Tips For Fuller Hair


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Now that you know the most common hairstyling mistakes to avoid, here are some of the best hair care tips that will give you healthy and fuller hair. 

1. Trim the damaged ends at regular intervals

Trim the damaged ends at regular intervals - Hairstyling Tips | AVEDA Hair Salon KAPLANatelier











Getting your hair trimmed at regular intervals helps in getting rid of the damaged and split ends. Whether you are getting a new AVEDA haircut or a simple trim, visit the best salon in London – KAPLANatelier.

We recommend you to get a trim once every 8 to 12 weeks to ensure that the damage at the ends of your hair strand does not spread to the rest of your hair length and keeps your hair looking fuller and voluminous. 

2. Prefer products that do not contain any harsh chemicals

Prefer products that do not contain any harsh chemicals - AVEDA Hair Salon | KAPLANatelier











Another easy hairstyling tips is the use of hair products that don’t have any unwanted chemicals like sulphates and parabens. Especially your shampoo and conditioner, should be free of all harsh chemicals and clean your hair and scalp very gently.

Hair products with a high chemical composition not only strip all the natural oils in your hair but overtime builds a layer of product on your hair resulting in limp and lifeless hair.

3. Avoid the use of hot tools as much as possible

Avoid the use of hot tools as much as possible - KAPLANatelier | AVEDA Hair Salon











Our next hairstyling trick for achieving stronger and fuller hair is limiting the use of styling tools like hair straighteners and curlers. Constant use of such tools can dry out your hair, making it dull and flat.

So use heat tools only every once in a while at low settings. Also, every time you use a styling tool, don’t forget to use a heat protectant to shield your hair against heat damage.

4. Provide Ample Hydration & Nourishment To The Hair

Another important hair styling tip for good hair is using proper moisturisation and hydration. Show your hair some love by using hair oils, masques, deep conditioners, and hair packs.

The AVEDA Nutriplenish Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in Treatment is excellent for giving your hair hydration powered with nutrients. Incorporating these products into your routine will support the growth of healthy and strong hair.

5. Steer away from heavy hair dyes and bleaches

Bleaches and hair colours can damage the hair strands making them weaker and more prone to breakage. Their constant use makes your hair dry and brittle, lacking texture or any life.

If you want to achieve fuller and healthier hair, then our hairstyling tip is to stop colouring your hair continuously. Give your hair enough time to heal from the damage before considering your next colour job.

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