5 Hair Colour Ideas You Will Love!

Make people fall in love with these stunning hair colour ideas!

A new season is approaching soon and because of that, many of us are thinking about changing their hair colour. If you get bored of having the same coloured hair for a long time, we don’t blame you. But what colour should you get that will help you stand out in a crowd of people?

Whether you are planning a visit to your AVEDA salon soon or whether you do it at home, the first step in the hair colouring process is picking the perfect colour. Through this article, we will talk about some gorgeous hair colour ideas that you will love for sure!

1. Bold Colours

It is normal for people to get tired of the same brown and blond hair colour tones. This season, try something a little out of your comfort zone.

You can go for a stunning shade of red or pick a vibrant pink hair colour. You can even go for some ombre highlights to try something different. Try a light shade of purple if you are nervous about suddenly having bright hair.

Bold colours are known to grab attention and can be styled beautifully as well. If you have always wanted to try it as well, this is the perfect time to do it!

2. Chocolate Truffle

If you have never dyed your hair before, brown is always a good option to try out. Most Nottinghill hair salons also suggest getting a mix of two tones of brown.

Chocolate truffle is a favourite for many celebrities as well. It creates the perfect harmony of warm and cool brown shades to give a stunning look.

If you are kind of nervous about trying out something bold, this is one of the best options where you get the best mixture of two brown shades in one hair colour.


3. Strawberry Blonde

If you are a natural blonde and want to try a natural ombre hair colourthis is a good option for you. This enables you to keep your blonde roots which is always a nice thing.

If you are looking for an AVEDA salon to get this awesome colour done, you can visit Kaplan Atelier to get the best hair treatment!

This colour provides a look that is a combination of both blonde and red hair colour which allows you to look vibrant and professional at the same time.

4. Red Velvet

Now if you want to try out a hair colour which is more on the dark red palette, this is an amazing colour. It is once again a colour that is right in the middle of the colour palette.

Most people love red velvet because it’s a colour that goes nicely with any complexion. It also is suitable for any events that you might have to attend, be it an office meeting or a party.

If you visit any AVEDA salons nearby, you will realise that this is a really popular colour choice. So if you want to go for a dark shade of red this season, feel free to choose this beautiful hair colour.


 5. Pastel Pink or Purple

Yes you heard it right, pastel colours are still in high demand. These colours are highly popular because they give a brighter tone to your hair and look very natural at the same time.

You can even try hair colouring balayage with pink as the colour itself is gorgeous. Pink is once again a bold colour but that doesn’t mean people like it any less.

Light or dark purple is also another hair colour you can choose if you don’t want to go for pink. This way you can still get a pastel colour yet try out something different at the same time.


We tried to cover hair colour ideas from dark to light colours so everyone can choose from this list. We hope that this assists you in choosing a colour that goes well with your natural hair.

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