5 Benefits of Olaplex Treatment That You Should Know

5 Benefits of Olaplex Treatment That You Should Know!

We all are constantly searching for more ways to take better care of our hair. Whether it’s using hair products with less harsh chemicals to follow a multi-step hair routine every week, we have tried it all. All these efforts can help you in growing new hair or making it stronger and healthier.

But what about hair that has already been damaged? Well, today we are going to talk about a hair treatment method that can repair damaged and processed hair. We are going to discuss olaplex treatment. In addition to the different steps in the treatment, we will also share five olaplex benefits.

What Is Olaplex Treatment?

Olaplex is a single ingredient treatment (bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, to be specific) that repairs and rebuilds the disulfide bonds present in our hair strands. When the bonds inside your hair strands are better aligned, it will result in stronger and healthier looking hair that is more resistant to breakage or damage. This treatment is effective on all hair types to deliver the best results. 

A Little About Olaplex Treatment

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It is a multi-step treatment process with a total of 8 products that can be used at home or a salon. The most important products in the treatment are Olaplex No.1 and No.2 which you should get done at the best salon in London, under the expert supervision of AVEDA hair dressers.

Generally, No.0 and No.3 are most recommended to be used at home to repair and strengthen your hair. 

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Benefits of Olaplex Treatment

Now that you know what this treatment is, let us discuss why you should consider it. Here are five benefits of olaplex that you didn’t know about:

1. Protect your hair from any colour damage

Getting an Olaplex treatment will protect your hair from the harsh damages from hair colours, dyes and bleaches. Did you experiment with hair colouring during the lockdown and are now frustrated with the poor condition of your hair? We highly recommend that you get olaplex treatment!

2. Make your hair stronger by repairing the bonds from inside

Olaplex repairs the dusulfide bonds in your hair and effectively treats the damage. By having this treatment done you can boost and strengthen the bonds that will result in stronger and healthier hair. This will make your hair less prone to breakage or hair fall. 

3. Gives your hair extra shine and smoothness from within

Another important Olaplex benefit is that your hair will feel softer, smoother, and shiner after the treatment. As all the broken bonds are reconnected and rebuilt, the hair strands will appear smoother and radiate a new and healthy shine. This makes Olaplex treatment the best solution for women with dry and dull hair.

4. Repair split ends and reduce the frizziness in your hair

The treatment is also capable of taming and restoring damaged hair and split ends. With its bond-building technology, the treatment can link broken bonds in the hair and reduce split ends. Along with that, the products used for the treatment reduce frizz in your hair. A life saver, huh?!

5. Reverses any damage caused by heat and sun exposure

Apart from chemical damage, Olaplex can also successfully reverse excessive heat damage, caused by hair styling tools and/or UV rays from the sun. Some products of the treatment, such as No.6 and No.7 help you shield your hair from heat damage. So, these can come handy to bring that beautiful look of yours.

To Sum It Up

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