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4 Hot Summer Hairstyle For Women With Afro Hair

Want to try something different with your afro hair? Try out these stunning hairstyles!

Afro hair looks beautiful and can make you shine with gorgeousness. Summer is a season where most women try to do something new with their hair. If you are also looking for some cute hair styling options to try out this summer, this is the perfect article for you!

We have put together an amazing list of 4 trendy woman’s haircut options you can try. These hairstyles are especially perfect for women who have afro hair. This will assist you in picking out a stunning hairstyle to try out this summer.


Short Parted Natural Curly Bob

Tired of taking care of long hair and want to find a cute short hairstyle? This is the perfect option that you can try! This is one of the trendy short haircut styles that help you get an edgy yet feminine look.

You can part your hair from the middle or from the side. Then you can add some volume to your curls on the side to create a perfect look. It’s kind of a bob haircut that allows you to try something unique with your hair.


Short & Shaved

This is another short hair styling option you can try out. Who says only men can shave their hair off? With this hairstyle, you can rock the shaved look yourself as well.

This hairstyle is also very easy to manage everyday and can be done very quickly. You can shave off the side of your hair and keep the centre hair or style them as you want. It looks awesome and gives you a great look for any event you want to attend this summer.


Layered Cut For Tiny Curls

Layers are something any woman adores. They are gorgeous to look at and can be done any way you want. Add some tiny curls along with that and voila! You are ready to stun the world with your beauty.

Tiny curls are beautiful to look at and are easy to style as well. You can keep your hair at a medium length and add some layers throughout to create the most perfect look that you want. If you naturally have tiny curls, you should definitely try out this trendy woman’s haircut option at least once.


Mini Curls With Highlights

If you want to step up even further this summer, try out this new style for afro hair. Keep your hair short and then add some awesome highlights to it. Silver is the most ideal color you can add or go for any other colour that matches your personality!

You can always visit KAPLANatelier, voted the best hair salon in London, to get help in adding the perfect highlights that make your hair even more beautiful!

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We hope this list will help you find the perfect afro hairstyling this summer. With these trendy woman’s haircut options, you can have an awesome summer time.

If you want to try out any of these options this summer at an Aveda hair salon, we suggest you visit us – Kaplan Atelier – this summer!