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10 Trendy Balayage Colour Ideas You Should Try!

Debating over which balayage colour you should get? Here are ten trendy ideas for you to choose from!

We all want to have those stunning sun-kissed highlights but we can’t spend hours on the beach in the hope to get those. Luckily you can get those highlights done at your favourite AVEDA salon – KAPLANatelier.

When it comes to getting balayage in London, the first thing you need to decide is which balayage colour you want. But a lot of ladies are sometimes clueless about the balayage colour they should try. If you are also one of them, no need to worry because we have got you covered. 

Here are ten trendy balayage colour ideas that you must try!

1. Brown

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If you have naturally dark hair, this is one of the most perfect hair colouring balayage options for you. Brown hair looks even more gorgeous if you have long hair as you can get a shade of brown that fades into honey blonde. There are a ton of different brown hair colour varieties that you can try out as well.

2. Grey

Grey Balayage - KAPLANatlier

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Say no to the embarrassment of having grey hair. Grey is now considered one of the hottest balayage hair colour choices because of how unique and beautiful it looks. Choose an AVEDA salon that will allow you to rock that grey balayage hair with confidence and style.


3. Light Brown or Blonde Balayage for Brown Hair

Balayage For Brown Hair - KAPLANatelier

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If your natural hair colour is brown and you want to get balayage done, this might be the perfect option for you. But if you don’t want to step out of your comfort zone too much, you can try light brown hair colouring balayage. If you like, get something a little bit edgier, blonde balayage just might be what you need to get done.

4. Balayage Hair Caramel on Black Hair

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Many people think that getting balayage highlights for black hair is kind of impossible. In reality, there is a lot that can be done for black hair when it comes to balayage treatment. One of the ideal options is getting balayage hair caramel. Caramel balayage goes very nicely with black hair and gives an awesome look.

5. Cool Blonde Balayage Look

If you have naturally blonde hair, we have a trendy balayage colour that you can try. This is mostly done on an ashy blonde base and can be a good option when it comes to both balayage for brunettes and balayage for blondes. You can also rock your natural hair and at the same time, get the feeling of having a completely different styled hair.

6. Golden Colour Balayage

Nothing can make your hair shine more than having a touch of gold to them. This is another hair colouring balayage colour that suits well to people with darker natural hair. The minute light falls on your golden highlights, it will give a stunning glow and make you stand out instantly in the crowd.

7. Pink Colour Balayage

You are sick and tired of all the standard hair colours and want to try something out of the box. If that’s why you need to get balayage, pink highlights might be the best choice for you. It’s a bit bold colour and can look stunning if you get it done from an AVEDA salon like KAPLANatelier in Nottinghill. Pink balayage is a good option especially if you have blonde or platinum blonde hair.

8. Soft Warm Toffee Brown Balayage

Soft warm toffee brown - KAPLANatelier

It is also a really popular colour choice when it comes to hair colouring balayage. These warm brown highlights give a stunning look and can also be enhanced by adding some soft curls. Toffee is a colour you can never go wrong with when it comes to getting sun-kissed highlights.

9. White Colour Balayage

Yes, you heard it correct. White balayage is a thing and it is very popular, to say the least. White gives a great contrast to dark hair and showcases people that you are not scared of trying something completely unheard of. If this is something that interests you, you should visit AVEDA salons nearby you, like us, and get it done! 

10. Copper colour balayage

Last on our list is a colour that is especially suggested if you need balayage for brunettes. Red is another trendy balayage colour that you must try out at least once. Getting a nice blend of red and bronze sun-kissed highlights will allow you to step out in the world with a burst of confidence.


Hair colouring balayage is a trend that has kind of taken over the hair industry since its inception. In this list, we have included some of the trendiest balayage colour ideas that you can consider for your hair. Our salon, KAPLANatelier – known as one of the best Nottinghill AVEDA hair salons also offers world-class balayage services.

So if any of these trendy balayage colour ideas sound good to you and you want to get balayage in London, you should definitely book an appointment with us!